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What we know about glucose? It would seem, it is all that can be found, has long been recognized and used. All steroids for sale that we have, is certified products. However, experience shows that it is not. We always learn something new, previously unknown, something refine and adjust. After all, science is not in place.

We all know that glucose - the main energy substrate body. Large assortment make it easy to buy anabolic steroids. Though it contains half the calories than fat, but is oxidized much faster and easier than any other substance capable of supplying energy to the body.

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All carbohydrates are absorbed in the intestine. There is a so-called "glycemic index", which allows us to compare the rate of absorption of certain carbohydrates. If we take the rate of absorption of glucose 100, respectively, to the quantity of galactose is 110 to 43 fructose, mannose - 19, pentoses 9-15. All monosaccharides entering the cells of the intestinal mucosa are phosphorylated, t. E. Search your favourite anabolic steroids for sale right here. Form the phosphorus esters. Only in this way carbohydrates are involved in energy metabolism. Phosphorylation occurs with the participation of special enzymes that are activated by insulin. All is good, but here's the problem: during heavy physical work, during the passage of competitive distance or long circular endurance training emission of insulin in the blood is constantly decreasing, otherwise it will slow down the breakdown of glycogen, fat and protein reserves into glucose. However, glucose is released into the blood, muscles poorly utilized due to lack of insulin, because it can not be phosphorylated. There is a vicious circle, which many in the body: to saturate the blood glucose, the body working to get rid of excess insulin, and to use the thus obtained glucose the body lacks insulin to phosphorylate it. It turns out neither one nor the other. Many skilled athletes advice to buy anabolic steroids. The body secretes insulin, but the little that was enough, and you, and our so decayed glycogen and at the same time that glucose is somehow assimilated working muscles. Where is the exit?He was extraordinarily simple: it is necessary to synthesize phosphorylated carbohydrates, carbohydrates have attached phosphate residues. Then the wolves will be fed and the sheep are safe. The body can even completely stop the production of insulin.

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Phosphorylated carbohydrates instantly absorbed in the intestines, no one can even count their glycemic index, and immediately included in the exchange. Impressive assortment of steroids for sale, and all for small money! Phosphorylated carbohydrates is a new milestone in the sports nutrition on the course and during exercise. Their method allows to train with unprecedented hitherto efficiency and arrange meals at a distance, such as distance runners so that all athletic performance dramatically improved. Phosphorylated carbohydrates - this is a great tool for carbohydrate loading, for post-workout carbohydrate loading. Their use can significantly improve the body's resistance to hypoxia (lack of oxygen in tissues) and significantly accelerate post-workout recovery. It is interesting that, if accepted, inside, phosphorylated carbohydrates drastically increase the glycemic index of the ordinary, unphosphorylated carbohydrates. This is because sugar absorbed in the intestine by concentration gradient. Many discounts we offer to people, who wants to buy anabolic steroids. Rapidly phosphorylated carbohydrates included in the energy metabolism and intestinal cells kontsentratsivya free monosaccharides becomes much smaller than in the intestinal lumen. Hence the acceleration of absorption.

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